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Savage Shemale Jungle Sex In VR

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A member of a previously uncontacted lost tribe in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, surprises you when you wander into her path during a vacation in the famous jungle. This girl has never seen a modern human being before. And you have never seen such a beautiful TS girl with such a huge and stiff cock! Savage shemale sex in the hot jungle in this primitive but super erotic virtual reality transsexual porn fantasy!

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Redhaired Shemale Fucks You Hard in VR

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Your young redhaired Croatian neighbour asks you if you’ve seen her missing pussy cat. Now you’re about to discover that this sexy thing is not only missing a pussy, she has a hard stiff cock inside her panties that’s throbbing to get inside your ass! Maybe she didn’t even have a cat, but you wont care when you’re shooting your sperm deep inside her young asshole!

One Night Stand with Transsexual Beauty

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You’re not going to steal the heart of this beautiful transsexual but you’re going to feel your stiff cock sliding into her ass after she’s made it hard and stiff with her tongue. This is a one night stand only, with no strings attached. The good thing with VR is every time you want to fuck this shemale beauty, you just have to put on your headset and play. Better than a real tranny girlfriend!

Beautiful Tranny Welcomes You To the Neighbourhood

You’ve just moved into a new neighborhood. You’re a bit lonely and wondering if you’ll make new friends, but it turns out you’ve hit the jackpot. Not only do you have a kindhearted, friendly housewife as a neighbor, but it turns out she’s a sex mad shemale. Best of all, she’s baked you a cake and wants to share it with you…Fuck her hot shemale body at VirtualRealTrans
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Sex with Shemales in VR


Why was the Oculus Rift invented? To fuck sexy shemales in virtual reality, of course! And now it’s finally possible. ┬áBeautiful women with cocks that stiffen at the sight of your own hardened cock, ready to suck, ride, and fuck you senseless in VR! ┬áSo put on your headset now and enter the world of Virtual Reality Shemales!